iStock_000000442151_SmallClaim Leadership
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  • Co-ordinating the delay team
  • Tracking progress / prioritisation of the delay topic reports
  • Liaison with the technical, accreditation and quantum experts and legal advisors
  • Board level reports and presentations
  • Joint solution workshop facilitation and leadership

Preparation of Claim / Counter-claim
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  • Preparation of timeline diagrams and delay reports
  • Indexation of supporting evidence artefacts for delay to key delivery milestones
  • Preparation of Scott Schedule cause and effect reports
  • Detailing disclosure requests via the Redfern Schedule
  • Preparation of pleadings, rejoinder and rebuttal expert report
  • Preparation of materials for the defence of a claim and pursuit of a counter claim

Forensic Analysis
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  • Analysis of witness statements
  • Forensic analysis of the Contract Change Procedure
  • Forensic analysis of the provisions and execution of Relief Event Notices and Compensation Event Notices
  • Forensic analysis of Project Plans to map milestones, activities, deliverables and dependencies for critical path / “But For” / “Windows” analysis
  • Interviews with project personnel to identify, interrogate and present cause and effect delay events and mitigating actions plotted against time

Claim Negotiation
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  • Negotiation of the Heads of Agreement and implementation of the settlement
  • Contract re-baselining
  • Negotiation of major Contract Change Notice and monitoring of settlement obligations and financial reconciliation