iStock_000008891420XSmallProject Initiation
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  • Contract bid handover
  • Obligations matrix / database
  • Contract guidelines
  • Contract training

Risk / Change Management
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  • Risk assessment / avoidance and mitigation planning
  • Change management
  • Drafting and review of new business proposals
  • Negotiation and implementation of indexation provisions
  • Reconciliation of historic changes
  • Negotiation of software licence and support agreements
  • Analysis and reduction of work at risk
  • Drafting and review of intercompany and international work orders and tax agreements
  • Service of relief and compensation notices
  • Experience in legal issues, drafting of agreements, contracts, associated sub-contracts, common and statutory legislation

Revenue Enhancement
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  • Margin erosion analysis and mitigation
  • Contract management
  • Compliance audit and actions
  • Delivery assurance audit and actions
  • Contracted versus performed analysis

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  • Contract re-negotiation
  • Novation
  • Assignment
  • Exit management
  • Termination and partial termination management / negotiation

Financial Management
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  • Collaboration and challenge of account teams’ P&L accounts
  • Co-drafting financial reports and financial model
  • Price assessment and benchmarking
  • Service level agreement management
  • Management and negotiation of service credits
  • Management of milestones payments and acceptance procedures

Continuous Improvement
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  • Review of internal and external communication, review and reporting mechanisms and implementing improvements
  • Implementation of delegation of authority and retention of documents protocol
  • Coaching / mentoring commercial team and disseminating commercial best practice
  • Providing commercial awareness training and refresher training
  • Production of a Contract Handbook
  • Developing the Contract Management function – people and resources

Commercial Leadership
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  • Leading negotiations with Customers, Partners and Suppliers
  • Leading commercial strategy
  • Lessons learned workshop facilitation and leadership
  • Supporting account teams – including challenging and developing costing, pricing and risk approaches
  • Providing experience, commercial advice and supporting the account team