iStock_000000442151_SmallClient: Tier 1 technology services provider

Assignment: Senior Commercial Manager for a major outsourced shared services project for central government

Contract Value: £40m

Objectives: Commercial Lead in negotiating retrospective changes to avoid Client claims

Achievements: Successfully negotiating contract changes to mitigate over / under delivery and failed client dependencies and successful settlement of a client claim via the formal dispute resolution process resulting in contract re-baselining; to the mutual benefit of both Parties.

Successful settlement of a multi-million pound claim via a formal dispute resolution process. Claim resulting from changes to scope, programme, methodology, responsibilities and risk reward profile for a Shared Services project for central government. Management and co-ordination of the client negotiations including liaison with internal and external legal advisors. Organisation and direction of input from operational and senior management teams. Escalation to the Business Unit Director, Commercial Director and Managing Director. Joint project team workshops to resolve scope and programme issues including negotiation with client teams. Negotiation of the Heads of Agreement and implementation of the settlement resulting in a contract re-baselining exercise and an overarching amending agreement.