iStock_000008891420XSmallClient: Tier 1 technology services provider

Assignment: Commercial Lead / Senior Commercial Manager for a multi-billion dollar bid for a large outsourcing deal with central government

Contract Value: £2.5 billion

Objectives: Responsible for commercial and legal guidance as a key part of the bid team

Achievements: Reduced risk and increased opportunity in terms of prime contract terms, service integrator model and third party key material sub-contractors.

Responsible for commercial and legal guidance as a key part of the bid team for a major outsourcing contract (multi-billion dollar estimated total contract value) within the central government sector. Competitive Dialogue procurement for a complex multi-supplier contract model. Review of the Draft Agreement terms and conditions and schedules and preparation of the requested derogation response. Preparation and review of Competitive Dialogue presentation and submission materials, advice and direction on negotiation strategy and risk management process. Interface between the solution team, senior counsel, finance team and senior management. Preparation and review of sub-contract Invitation to Tender, Memorandum of Understanding and Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Negotiation of Material / Key Sub-Contract scope and flow down of terms based on the capability and risk / opportunity profiles for over 30 potential partner organisations. Preparation of due diligence request for information.